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Royal Celebration Parade Illustrated in photos.


People are getting ready to join the parade.


Street Artists


I’ve always been fascinated about art in public spaces. Whether it is street musicians’ plays, graffiti art or random flashmobs, there is something really noble about the people who share their art in the streets. Yes, many times the intention is to purely make money; however, none of the passersby are discriminated if they don’t carry cash with them. And as one of the street performers on Times Square in New York said: “If you don’t carry cash on you – we understand: there’s an ATM right around the corner.” Whenever I get a chance I try to interact with these vivid individuals who basically bright up everyone’s daily routine. Below are some photos and videos of street artists in action.


Do your pictures tell a story?


I’ve been taking pictures since I was a kid: the 90-s were family snapshots, 2000s – family, friends and some observations, 2010s is when I started shooting pictures for money. Read quite a lot of books on photography and composition, followed blogs of famous photographers: was influenced by a lot of styles and post-production methods.

If I was to name the most important advice I’ve ever read/heard/received about photography it would be this: