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I’ve always been fascinated about art in public spaces. Whether it is street musicians’ plays, graffiti art or random flashmobs, there is something really noble about the people who share their art in the streets. Yes, many times the intention is to purely make money; however, none of the passersby are discriminated if they don’t carry cash with them. And as one of the street performers on Times Square in New York said: “If you don’t carry cash on you – we understand: there’s an ATM right around the corner.” Whenever I get a chance I try to interact with these vivid individuals who basically bright up everyone’s daily routine. Below are some photos and videos of street artists in action.


This gentlemen was spotted in Chicago, right outside a CVS pharmacy.

This gentlemen was spotted in Chicago, right outside a CVS pharmacy.

This interesting character had his performance in the crossroads arts district.

This interesting character had his performance in the crossroads arts district.

Kansas City Graffiti Stormy

Stormy is a Kansas City based tattoo artist who implements his artistic skills on the walls of KC.

Kansas City ice sculpture

This ice sculptor in Kansas City Downtown really got people interested in his art. It turned out, the sculpture he was working on was commissioned by Disney Frozen show that was about to start in Kansas City.

Kansas City one man band

One man band was playing with so much passion, that he torn one of his guitar strings. Being an experienced musician, of course he had a spare.

Kansas City one man band River Market

This musician has it all: you name it.

Kansas City street musicians at Plaza District

I’ve spotted these interesting artist on the Plaza in Kansas City. Their music sounded interesting, to say the least. No wonder why: you see a gentlemen playing on a saw and washing board!

Kansas City street musicians at the Plaza

As you can see, this is full-fledged orchestra of interesting individuals playing even more interesting instruments.

Kansas City Street Band in the Plaza District

I feel that bright chairs in collaboration with less then fresh clothes add a special touch to the band.

New York Bunny

I was walking around Manhattan streets in New York, when I saw a piano in the middle of the street: Everybody who wanted to play were encouraged to do it. “How awesome is that!” was the though that was running through my head when I saw this Bunny appearing out of nowhere to dance to the piano music.

New York Bunny revealed

As I continued walking I spotted the bunny again. This time we get to see the person behind the mask.

New York Square performers

These Krishna followers in New York were kind enough to share their beautiful and authentic music with everyone in the area.

New York calligraphy artist

This calligraphy artist enjoyed painting hieroglyphs. Anyone could enjoy watching the process, moreover, for a small amount of money one could have his name painted in a beautiful Japanese hieroglyph. I didn’t have any money on me, so he did one for me for free. I, in return, drew a caricature of him. Art-Barter in action.

New York Times Square Living Sculptures

These living sculptures in New York Times Square don’t move. The performance starts after you donate something. Frankly speaking, watching them stay still in one position is a performance of its own.

Artist at New York High Line

Mr Bill Lyon – This unique artist was spotted drawing the High Line in New York. Beautiful artwork and one unique artistic look of Mr. Lyon.

Philadelphia Occupy Wall Street

During the Occupy Wall Street movement not everyone was protesting holding signs and shouting the “We are the 99%” slogans. This individual in Philadelphia Town Hall Square was busy painting the protesters in their tents.

Samarkand street artists

These artist were spotted in my home town, Samarkand. They were modestly painting these domes while tourist were walking around the place admiring the beauty of local architecture and local artists.

Samarkand street musicians

These two gentlemen entered one of the small cafes in Samarkand and started performing. When they finished they sat and prayed. Then they got their well-deserved money from the audience who sincerely enjoyed their music.

San Francisco street singer

“Cupid, draw back your boooow, And let, your arrow gooooo” When I heard this gentleman singing in the streets of San Francisco I was really impressed. I stood there impressed by his performance. Then I remembered that my camera can capture video.

San Francisco walking sculpture

After a long and (hopefully) productive day this silver living statue in San Francisco is ready to spend his well earned money.

Caricaturists in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I like interacting with street artists. In this case, being a caricaturist myself, I decided to share my art with these hard-working individuals, working in Tashkent Broadway. While drawing one of the Broadway caricaturists, we were discussing my technique with them.

Kansas City street drum musicians

There’s nothing like interaction between the audience and the street artists. In this picture the guys were not only performing: they were also selling these wooden drums, inviting everyone to play them. I just couldn’t resist this offer.

Next time you pass near street artists, please share a smile with them (and, if you can, a dollar).

Thank you.


P.S. If you liked what you’ve read and seen so far I think you’ll like this video that I filmed in New York.




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