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Royal Celebration Parade Illustrated in photos.


People are getting ready to join the parade.

The construction doesn’t stop anybody to head to the parade. Notice the crown? It was brought back.

4 restrooms were obviously not enough for the crowd.

It’s 9am. The parade is to start at noon. The confetti machines are ready.

People are bringing their kids along.

These observers found one convenient location – 7th floor of one of the buildings on Grand street.

You can see the signs in the parade as people start “settling in”

Some people are reading papers about baseball, of course.

This Slugger (Kansas City Royals mascot) hat came really handy in this chilly morning.

While some spectators came with flags and blankets…

… the others put the Royal paint on. 🙂

Of course you could see hustlers in the street selling stuff. In case of this fine gentleman – World Series related t-shirts

“Yo, yo, yo, get some Royals merch! Royals merch!”

Police was patrolling the parade route as the people were getting ready to meet the city heroes.

Waiting for the parade to start.

The forces exchange some words in the preparation of the parade.

Selfie time in the audience 🙂

In the wait for the Royals to appear on the parade.

Some people rode their bikes. Speaking of bikes, Kansas City B cycle (bikes for rent) offered everyone 30 minutes of free ride throughout the day.

Law forces officials are making sure everything goes as planned.

You could see the Royals logo everywhere – including on this guy’s hair.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Going to higher grounds to get the best view.

These smiling gentlemen were really excited to watch the parade from quite a toll curbing.

The further we’d go the higher we’ve seen people climb to get the best view.

Good vibes of the crowd.

“I like Royals”

What’s that up there? (there was a helicopter flying, documenting everything from the sky)

You might want to call it a car parking. They call it a great observation deck.

OhmiGod! ohmiGod! Here they come.

First trucks in the convoy.

Good old Slugger

Kansas City Mayor – Mr. Sylvester “Sly” James, Jr.

Here they come!

– Congratulations, Kansas City! – Congratulations, Sly!

Firemen on an old fire engine.


Check out their jerseys

Coaches and players were proudly riding these trucks with families ones.

Meanwhile people started climbing on a bus stop nearby.

Lorenzo Cain waving to the audience of the parade.

Alex Rios at the Parade.

The lady here got a bit higher by climbing on… her daughter’s stroller.

Thanks, Kansas City!

Christian Colon was rocking his KC beanie.

Alcides Escobar Parade selfie.


Moose Mobile in action.

Ben Zobrist was really friendly with the people at the parade.

Ben Zobrist: YEAH!!!!!

Johnny Cueto was riding his truck alone… with his phone.

Climbing on the fences and newspaper stands to get the better view.

On top of a bus stop.

These fine gentlemen were just enjoying the view from the side.

…higher grounds.

Fire Engine… We’ll climb it.

Picture time.



You might want to think that these folks got themselves some high spots…

… until you see these people

The last vehicles at the Parade were the cleaning machines. What an awesome way to finish a parade.

Roads are open and now you are free to move wherever you want.

TMNT also tried to get some advantage from the hype of the parade.




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