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Everything has a story: vintage leather bag


A couple of months ago I took part in entrepreneurial class, where we were told about the basics of running your own business. After making friends with the group I noticed this scratched and worn leather bag hanging on the shoulders of Dean – a nice person who had an idea of starting a photography business, that by the end of the program transformed to a butterfly garden service business idea.

The bag had so much character that I just had to tell Dean how awesome it looked, and I wondered what was the story behind it. Dean liked my compliment, and, long story short, by the end of the program he presents me the bag. After thanking him for this generous gift I just had to ask him about the story of the bag, how he got it and how old it is. I also just had to film it.

As I like to say, there’s a story in anything. And I really enjoy capturing and then telling these stories.




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