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Everything has a story: vintage leather bag


A couple of months ago I took part in entrepreneurial class, where we were told about the basics of running your own business. After making friends with the group I noticed this scratched and worn leather bag hanging on the shoulders of Dean – a nice person who had an idea of starting a photography business, that by the end of the program transformed to a butterfly garden service business idea. (more…)

Casey from Kansas City sticker pack


Casey is a super-duper-awesome dude from Kansas City who loves everything about KC: Royals, Chiefs, Sporting, Nelson Atkins, BBQ, Crossroads – you name it!

He’s rocking his royal blue everywhere he goes with pride.

Please add Casey to your iMessage experience, KC – I bet you he’ll bring tons of joy to your conversations. (more…)

Набор стикеров Ташмурад для ваших айфончиков :)


Ассалом, друзья!

Мархамат, опубликовали для вас Ташмурадовские стикеры для iMessage (вот ссылка – скачивайте! 🙂)
All Tashmurad stickers (more…)

Back to blogging



I think I’m ready to get back to my blogging routine. Miss the days when I had my livejournal where I shared what I found interesting with the world. (more…)