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I think I’m ready to get back to my blogging routine. Miss the days when I had my livejournal where I shared what I found interesting with the world. Then Facebook came and soon my livejournal was gone. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. And even though some interesting posts are now gone I still think it had to happen. Facebook came with its signature feature to post only to your friends and people started sharing less with the world and more with their friends. One of the options Facebook introduced was “Facebook Pages” which was quite interesting: you could post something you want to share with everyone. The only problem is no guarantee that your post will appear on a crowded feed of your subscriber. As a matter of fact, you can’t even be sure that the posts you publish at your personal profile are seen by your friends. Exceptions are the cute pictures of your children, pets, weddings, and semi-naked selfies.

My website was a bit outdated and I thought to myself: “hm, why don’t I start a blog here”. A couple of weeks later – here we are.

So, Welcome to my website!

My original thoughts on what to publish here were: illustrations, photos, thoughts, Kansas City/ Midwest / USA/ travelling experience, book /movie reviews. But I’m sure I have a lot missing.

I need your feedback on this one: what would you like to see here?

Any thoughts on the this are really appreciated. Thanks!




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